Ticket Refunds

Ticket refunds are done in accordance with the rules governing the type of fare you purchased.
How the refund process works?

For paper tickets we need your name, flight details and dates of travel. If your dates of travel have passed you will need to provide us with your booking code/reservation reference. You will have to visit a BWIA Ticket Office or the Travel Agency you purchased your ticket through, to process refunds for paper tickets.

Before purchasing your ticket, we recommend that all passengers become familiar with the rules governing the fare you paid. Pay particular attention to penalties pertaining to date changes, no-show, cancellation, refund, minimum and maximum stay. Double penalties may apply if you did not call or email to advise of any flight changes.

Note that if you no show for a flight, your return travel will be automatically cancelled in the system. The explanation is simple - if you did not leave your first point of travel, you will not be able to return. As such, no-show, date change, revalidation and/or reissue penalties will apply.

We recommend you submit your claim to your point of purchase. If you booked your travel with a Tour Operator, the airfare will form part of a holiday package, therefore your Tour Operator will be able to process your refund quickly, as they will have all the information at hand.
Likewise if you purchased your ticket from a Travel Agent, we recommend you contact the Travel Agent for assistance.