Flight Cancellation

Flights may be cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control, including but not limited to: weather; Acts of God; air traffic control; emergency situations; security checks, etc.

If the cancellation is due to operational and/or internal issues pertaining to Iraqi Airways, we accept that it is our responsibility to carry our passengers to their final destination by all means available, at no additional transportation cost to the passenger. We will also provide meals and accommodation, at no additional cost to the passenger, from the time of the flight is cancelled to the beginning of the onward journey.

If the cancellation is due to circumstances beyond our control, for e.g., weather conditions, natural disasters, then costs associated with this disruption are to be borne by the passenger.
In adverse times such as these, it is Iraqi Airways responsibility to ensure we keep our valued customers properly informed about the situation. At no time our customers are to be inconvenienced or troubled by lack of information. We acknowledge that such a disruption in your travel plans is a nuisance, and we wish for our customers to remain as trouble-free as possible. Kindly ensure you provide our Customer Service Agent with the appropriate contact information.

Any changes to your journey will be organized by Iraqi Airways. If any passenger desires to cancel the booked itinerary, involuntary refunds shall be made in accordance with our tariffs and regulations. If the passenger makes voluntary changes to their booked itinerary, Iraqi Airways will not be held liable for any additional cost; in this case you will be required to contact our Customer Relations department, who will co-ordinate the refund process.