Pregnant and Flying

Having a baby is a very special experience. Iraqi Airways shares this blessed moment and wishes to ensure expectant mothers are comfortable.

Expectant mothers can be accepted for travel up to the 35th week of pregnancy. Once it appears that the expectant mother is in normal health, she will be accepted for travel without medical clearance up to the 32nd week. Between the 32nd and 35th week, a medical certificate is required confirming:

The pregnancy condition is in normal state

Time of confinement

There are no expected complications in delivery and,

Confinement is expected in less than four weeks

Under no circumstances will an expectant mother be accepted for travel beyond the 35th week. We recommend that expectant mothers undergo a medical examination and obtain advice from their doctor before undertaking a journey by air.

Iraqi airways will make flying while pregnant a stress-free experience. The following tips should keep you as comfortable as possible-:  

Reserve an aisle seat or request a bulkhead-row seat in advance so you can walk about the cabin easily and visit the bathroom frequently if necessary.

Don't forget to take a copy of your medical records along with you, ask your doctor for a referral in case of an emergency while you're away.

Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes and flat shoes on the day of your trip.

Keep your lap belt low around your hips during the flight, not around your abdomen.

Drink plenty of water.

Get a small pillow from the flight attendant and place it under your lower back to avoid back strain.

Your own doctor should prescribe travel sickness medication.

Consult your doctor for any other travel advice.