Special Announcement

Iraqi Airways flight to Erbil & Suliamaniyah
From London & Manchester


Iraqi Airways would like to announce the resume of the flight from London Gatwick & Manchester to Erbil.

The said flight will operate from Erbil and Manchester every Saturday and from and to London Gatwick every Thursday.

Iraqi Airways also continue operating Sulainmainyah flight to and from London Gatwick every Thursday and to and from Manchester airports every Saturdays.

Please note: Any entry visa arrangements through any of Kurdistan regional representative in any country will be not valid to travel to Iraq. The visa requirements to travel to Iraq through Baghdad Airport can be obtain in the following link: http://mofamission.gov.iq/en/UKLondon&subcat=775

You can now book and purchase you ticket now on www.iraqiairways.co.uk

Iraqi Airways wish you a pleasant journey and hope to serve at the best possible way.

Iraqi Airways
UK Office


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