Iraqi Airways resumes UK operations with flights from London Gatwick to Baghdad and Sulaimaniya


Iraqi Airways will launch the first schedule flight between London and Iraq on 5th March 2013. The flights will operate from London Gatwick direct (non-stop) to Baghdad and Sulaimaniya.

This signifies the first direct flight service between Iraq and the United Kingdom since August 1990 after an attempt to run in 2010 was thwarted due to a $1.2 Billion lawsuit by Kuwait Airways.

Iraqi Airways will use newly purchased Airbus A330, A321 and A320 planes to operate two direct flights to Baghdad and one to Sulaimaniya every week. The frequency will increase to 6 flights a week by 15th June 2013. All return flights will stop in Malmo, Sweden, for a period of 1hr for security reasons before entering the UK. The routes have already been granted permission by the UK Civil Aviation Authority.

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