History Revival

The interest on international flights was revived after the War in Iraq, but only after a long period of little domestic aviation activity. Eventually, the airline regained an international status so that it may begin negotiations with other countries for operating an international network.

On May 30, 2003, Iraqi Airways' management officially announced it plans to resume international service soon. Operations restarted on 3 October 2004 with a flight between Baghdad and Amman.

Iraqi Airways currently has contracts with Schabak and with Nostalgair to produce their airplane models. The airline's livery consists of an all white airplane's belly, but with a green cheatline and an aqua green scheme covering the top of their planes. The aqua color goes all the way to the end of the planes' tails. The tail logo consists of a green bird inside a white circle, with the name Iraqi Airways inscribed just below the circle, in white color and in Arabic. The same title is also inscribed over the passenger windows on the front part of the fuselage, using the same color but written in English. Iraqi Airways operated the first domestic commercial scheduled service since the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime from Baghdad to Basra, with 100 passengers in a Boeing 727-247, on 4 June 2006.