Baghdad International Airport


Baghdad International Airport is Iraq's largest airport, located in a suburb about 10 miles west of Baghdad.

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Baghdad International Airport was constructed with the assistance of French firms between 1979 and 1982. It was designed to accommodate both civil and military operations, and can handle up to 7.5 million passengers per year in aircraft

It is the hub for Iraq 's international airline, Iraqi Airways, and it was once served by several other international airlines.

Baghdad International Airport

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Most of Baghdad 's civil operations stopped in 1991, when the United Nations imposed restrictions on Iraq after the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait during the Persian Gulf War.

Due to the no-fly zone imposed on Iraq by the United States and the United Kingdom , Iraqi Airways was only able to continue domestic flights for limited periods.

Internationally, Baghdad was only able to receive occasional charter flights carrying medicine, aid workers, and government officials. 2003- Current status June 2003. Terminal C, one of three gate areas, has been spruced up with new potted plants and polished floors. The duty-free shop has reopened as well. The airport officially reverted to civilian control on August 25, 2004 . Iraqi Airways and Royal Jordanian Airlines currently operate regular flights to Amman , Jordan , Damascus , Syria , Dubai , UAE, Cairo , Egypt , Istanbul , Turkey and DHL operates civilian cargo service.